MARCO DINETTI, ornithologist, is the scientific director  of the six-monthly Ecologia Urbana. Among its publications: Biodiversità urbana (2009) and Guida Naturalistica di Firenze (2002).

1. Is the right to landscape, a duty to landscape?
2. If the landscape is connected to the idea of nature, can we consider culture a part of landscape?
3. Is increasing attention to nature and environment just a trend or rather an emergent need?

Everyone has the right to enjoy the an ecologically sustainable landscape that is aesthetically “beautiful” as well, but at the same time, everyone has the duty to orientate his/her own behavior, consumption and life style towards the respect of this landscape.

Landscape is the outcome of natural components and dynamics, together with anthropic transformation (and therefore the transformation of human culture). Nonetheless, the human being is also part of nature, or better still, the human being shall feel much more a sentiment of belonging, by acting in a more integrated and harmonious way with the “rest” of nature.
In my opinion, stating that in Italy there is a “growing attention to the topics of nature” must be verified. Nature (biodiversity) is absolutely necessary to our survival; even if we often forget it, we breathe, consume and use the land products.
This tendency may be constructive if it brings to a real cultural growing and is not reduced to a sterile and passing trend, which is lived as one of the so many things to be consumed.

















18th - 22nd October 2012
Limno at Independents 3
Indepedents 3 is a section of ArtVerona curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo. For the first time in the context of an art fair there were to be found all those creative concerns working independently of the more traditional network.

29th September 2012, 11 am-7.30 pm

Limno at Roundtable #2, a meeting produced by LZlab.
With Elisa Del Prete (Nosadella Due), Stefania Carretti (Spazio Gerra), Elisa Vladilo, Microclima/Serra Dei Giardini, Sonia Rosso (Lira Hotel), Limno, Banchina Molini, Angolazioni urbane. 


28 July 2012, 6-9 pm
Limno at Forte Marghera
76 Pounds and XVI Coins. The Launch

The publication is the outcome of a study on the flora and the architecture of Forte Marghera complex. It is first of all a mapping of the context, led through simple tools and light documentation.

In collaboration with eve ar:v.
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